The Caribbean island chain entices travellers with its range of idyllic tropical escapes, bobbing like jewels in the Caribbean Sea. Each of the 28 countries in this string of islands has something unique to offer. Some are troves of amazing natural beauty, both on land and under the azure waters that surround the coastlines. Take Puerto Rico, for instance, with its forested mountains and waterfalls, plus hidden bays with bioluminescent waves. Here’s what the islands do have in common: miles and miles of gorgeous beaches, hidden coves and powder-fine sand.

The Caribbean is also rich in history and culture – some are home to significant sites dating back to forgotten civilizations. Along with cultural diversity comes Caribbean’s eclectic culinary scene. You can find hints of flavours from all the world’s continents here. That, along with the idea of kicking back on a quiet beach with a refreshing piña colada, are only a few ideas to inspire you to add the Caribbean to your list of dream travel destinations. 

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